Elegantly crafted jewellery, starring nature’s finest works of art. Explore the unique beauty of natural diamonds in our most covetable pieces.


In our mission to revolutionise the jewellery experience we have introduced cutting edge design methods, such as 3D printing, to add a modern flare to our pieces. We want our collections to be constantly improving & evolving.Our vision is to bring contemporary designed jewellery and make it accessible to everyone.


We aim to provide distinctive, beautiful pieces that enhance the wearer's beauty. We strive to continue as trailblazers in the making of diamond jewellery and offer our customers the utmost satisfaction through quality service.We have left a trail of satisfied customers who tend towards us often for their jewellery requirements. We pride ourselves on being a family jeweller that is non-compromising on our standards and high-quality to ensure every piece of jewellery in Hastmilap is as magnificent as can be.


At Hastmilap, we pride ourselves on the stellar quality of all our products. Our passion and innovation make sure every unique piece is crafted with love and expertise. Our focus on transparency empowers our consumers to make informed choices. The Hastmilap team works as a cohesive unit round the clock to give our customers only the very best.Our brand represents our desire to create exquisite, beautiful and high-quality diamond jewellery that is as special as you.

Hastmilap Diamond Jewellery has established a name synonymous with Quality, Design Excellence and High Standards. Hastmilap has created trendsetting jewellery that caters to individual taste and modern fashion, while keeping in mind key traditional elements in every piece of jewellery we create.