Our Talking Points.


  1. Our Mission
  2. Our Vision
  3. About Us
  4. The Name Hastmilap
  5. Our Priorities
  6. The Philosophy
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    Inspiration and innovation.

  • We aim to serve the diamond and jewelry needs of people’ across the world irrespective of gender, culture, and language. The beauty of gems transcends time and boundaries connecting lives around the world. To be a link of the chain in accomplishing the same is close to a dream come true for us.

Our Vision

widen our service and reach different corners of the world, including more happy faces into our clientele.

expand our bewitching collection of diamonds.

craft jewelry that is inspired by the traditional designs taken from the different cultures that survived time.

come up with signature jewelry pieces that will engrave our name among the top jewelers in the country.

engage with people from different walks of life and serve them in the way we can.

leave a significant mark behind that will stay till the end of time.

About Us

HastMilap is where you will find your destined diamond. Our gems are the personification of alluring beauty, made to bring out the aura of those rough stones carefully picked right from nature’s bosom. We entered the realm in 2019 and since then, have kept our hands pretty busy trying to move up the ladder here in Surat, the diamond capital of the country. Today, we are extremely proud to present the gamut of our excellent cut diamonds deemed to be one of the bests in the country. Their mesmerizing charm has taken our name to lands beyond the sea bringing in orders from nations across the world.

The conversion of a rough natural stone to a shimmering diamond is a journey that takes time and effort. We, therefore, make sure that each diamond goes through intensive procedures that carve quality gems you can lay your hands on. With the aid of sophisticated technology the diamonds are cleaved, cut, and ground without losing their essence. From exploration to polishing, our expert teams address concerns and ensure that only the best of the lot reaches the table.

Each diamond has its identity and developing the perfect jewelry design for it is a craft by itself. Blueprints of the jewelry are made by our proficient designers who have been in the field for years. Through their artistic sense and creative hands, they give life to the otherwise sole shiny stones, studding them into magnificent works of art. Graded and certified by GIA, IGI, and QC Expert, our diamonds and jewelry are exported to the American, European, and Gulf nations. With two years, we have managed to bring under our umbrella a clientele that is geographically and culturally diverse. With trust and love from our beloved customers, we are hoping to expand the same in the coming years.


The name HastMilap

  • ‘HastMilap’ means ‘handshake’. We welcome each of our customers with the warmth and joy that they feel at home. For us, they are the backbone that helps to build our brand. At any time of any day, we are ready to receive them to come, feel and choose the diamond -studded jewelry that reflects their true personality.

For us, the clients and their needs are the top priorities.

We engage with our customer base in and outside the market to know the change in trends and demands.

Carving ideas directly from a layman is one of the factors that helped us stay top among our competitors

We value our beloved creations just as much as our customers, for they are the factors that help us to showcase our expertise in the community.

Each of our diamonds is a part of our soul and we believe that the person who takes it home takes a bit of our love too.

Our Priorities


The Philosophy

We believe in the values of integrity and honesty.

Rooted in the same, our close-knit group of personnel crafts mesmerizing jewelry to instill their charm in the beholder’s mind for eternity.

The joy in the eyes of the customer is much more valuable to us than any profit that comes in our way.

Hence, we strive to serve only the best on the platter.



Coming from nature, the gemstones used in our jewelry are exquisite and remarkable in terms of quality and physical properties.

State-of-art technology is used to carve and polish each gem making them perfect for adorning the jewelry specially designed to make a home for them till the end of time.

Have a look on some of our latest designs…